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How to Install a Sprinkler System

How to Install a Sprinkler System

Installing an underground sprinkler system requires a lot of work but is a good investment as it makes watering the yard simpler. You can do it on your own or can hire a professional to install it. Here’s how to install a sprinkler system on your lawn:


Plan the System

Basically, mark the location as to where to bury the sprinklers. Calculate the size of the yard, measure the water pressure and determine the coverage of the sprinklers. Sketch the locations of the sprinkler heads and put markings on the yard to know where to place the sprinklers.


One thing to make sure in planning the sprinklers’ location is that it is important to have the spray from one sprinkler hits the other sprinkler head to ensure that there will be no dry spots in the yard.


Access the Water Supply

This step involves tapping into the main water-service line which requires the installation of an anti- siphon valve that prevents brackish water and other unwanted chemical from contaminating the main water supply for the irrigation system.


Dig the trench

Dig a trench that is 6” to 8” deep with sides that slope at a 45-degree angle. Place the sod to one side and soil to other to make the filling and patching the trench easier when digging. A vibratory plow (a trenching device) can make this step go much faster and easier.


Valve Manifold Installation

Dig a hole that fits the valve manifold box perfectly. Place it on the ground and attach one end of the valve manifold to the main water supply and tighten the clamps to secure it.


Connect the PVC Pipe

Connect the PVC pipe to the open end of the valve. Lay the pipe along the main trench and use tee connectors for pipes running off the main line. Attach risers using 90-degree connectors on the location of the markings. Apply the adhesive thinly and smoothly when gluing sections together.


Install the Sprinkler Heads

Choose the appropriate sprinkler heads according to the irrigation needs of the lawn. Flush firs the water through the system to clean out any debris before attaching the sprinklers. When installing the sprinkler heads to the risers, make sure that the head is at the same level as the soil.


The Controller

The controller includes a timer system that controls length and frequency of the watering. Connect the wires and make sure it is connected to the main water-service control. Make sure everything is working and fine tune the sprinkler heads to make sure that all spots can be covered by the sprinkler.


Elzohor Nursery offers all types of landscaping and gardening services including lawn maintenance. We also install a sprinkler system that is beneficial to your garden. Talk to us and we’ll help you with your garden needs.