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How to Kill Weeds for Vegetable Garden Preparation

How to Kill Weeds for Vegetable Garden Preparation

Vegetable gardens are often threatened throughout by a number of factors. Their growth may be targeted by some problematic environmental conditions such as pests, disease and the most common, weeds. A weed is any plant that poses a threat to other plants. They are typically invasive and rob the vegetable and other healthy plants of resources needed for growth such as nutrients, water, and sunlight. They can also grow anywhere; in lawns, fields, gardens or any area outdoors where healthy plants are abundant. Weeds can be quite a nuisance in the garden especially on a vegetable garden. Although there is no way to permanently eliminate weeds without killing your vegetables, there are still ways that you can use to minimize the growth of these problematic plants.


Here are some techniques for eliminating these problematic plants from your property:



Mulch has been called a “gardener’s best friend”. Mulching is a common gardening practice that is done by gardeners for a lot of good reasons. It is often practiced to mostly suppress the growth of weeds, retain moisture in the soil and to control the temperature of soil during changing climates, especially on cold nights. Although adding mulch is beneficial to the reduction of weeds, avoid over mulching since it will kill the plants.


2.Plant Cover Crops

Plant beneficial plants around the vegetable garden. Crops like wheat, clover, and barley spread easily and can be used as a cover crop to block weeds.


3.Pull them out

Although it requires a lot of effort and may take a lot of time, pulling them out manually from the ground will prevent the weeds from growing and spreading. Just make sure that the roots of the weeds are also pulled out.


4.Reduce unplanted space

If your soil is healthy and well tilled, place your plants close together. Also, avoid having bare spaces on your soil so it will not encourage weed growth.


5.Drip Irrigation

With drip irrigation, you can water only the plants that need it, thus avoiding the cultivation of unwanted plants like weeds especially in unplanted areas of your garden.


6.Use Herbicide

Spray nonselective herbicide such as glyphosate to the weeds thoroughly before the weeds germinate.


7.Keep your lawn mowed

Keep your lawn mowed regularly to discourage weed growth.


8.Cut it

Another way to get rid of them is to cut them using a sharp hoe. If the vegetables are already growing, an onion how may be the easiest one to use to take the weeds out without damaging the useful plants. If you the seed pods or seed heads of the weed already peeking, pull them off before your cut.