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Gardening For Personal Growth

Gardening For Personal Growth

Growth by definition means “ the act of process”, “ development” or“gradual increase”. Most of us know that, but it seems that we tend to forget what it really means – truthfully. With how modern life has us living today, we are offered instant gratification with all the tools and technology that surrounds us. We tend to rush things and we like everything instant. We all have to understand that growth does not happen overnight. It happens gradually in a process with your becoming someone better in time while reaching your full potential and experiencing many things. That is real growth.


If some time in your life you realize that you need to work on your personal growth, try growing a garden and see from your very eyes how it works. You’ll be very surprised at how tending to a garden can help you see and realize things in your life that would help you grow as an individual.


Growing a plant from a seed is quite humbling and it’s a perfect reminder that growth takes time. A plant does not grow over night and so are you. Nothing is really instantaneous in this lifetime. Like plants, it takes patience, care, nurturing, challenges that you should strive to overcome, experiences, strength, knowledge, purpose, and determination to transform into a better plant, to bloom and be useful. All these you can ever have, experience and will happen at a span of time that only you will know. You need to have faith and just trust the process.


During the process of growing a garden, as a gardener, you will feel a lot of excitement because you know when the planting succeeds, you’ll get an amazing garden. But before you see the flowers bloom, you need to work hard to get there. When you bury a seed in the soil, it takes several days for the seed to sprout from the ground. During that time of waiting, gardeners may doubt, wondering if their plant will ever sprout. However, faith must be planted as well. Without knowing for sure if it will, a gardener must have faith and keep nurturing it until it sprouts. When you made that happen and you see a change from your efforts, that’s the most beautiful thing to witness. It is empowering and rewarding at the same time and it inspires you to help yourself grow more.


A person grows just like a blooming flower. It takes patience, perseverance, hard-work, and faith. You need to trust yourself and trust the process even when it takes longer than expected. To experience true growth, you must not give up.


If you do not have any idea where to start to grow your garden, ask some experts to help you. When you are planning on having your home landscape done, ask your contractor to dedicate some space for your own personal garden and ask them what to do. Check out and talk to us about your desire to grow your own garden and we’ll help you with it.