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Landscaping Tips for Small Outdoor Spaces

Landscaping Tips for Small Outdoor Spaces

A small yard space doesn’t mean you can’t create a nice garden or chic outdoor spot for your home. Even a small space can go a long way when it comes to landscaping. Creativity has no limit and ideas on how you can create your garden or outdoor space are endless. Whether you do it yourself or have it done by professional home improvement services, there are always ways to transform that small space into something you desired it to be. Here are some tips and ideas on how you can maximize your small yard and transform it into a sanctuary for you and for your family to enjoy:


1. Create a tree slump planter.

Do you have an old tree slump? Do not throw it out they make good planters for your small flowers and adds a rustic design to your garden.


2. Hanging Planters

If you do not have enough space to put your pots and plants try hanging them. Old pale of paints, old baskets, a coriander or even used plastics that you can DIY and recycle make good hanging planters. They make use of the little space you have while providing more plants to surround your space.


3. Vertical Herb Garden

Instead of planting horizontally like we normally do, plant herbs vertically by placing them on plant hangers and install it near the wall or even make the hanger as a space divider.


4. Add some depth.

Well, we all know this trick. If you want your space to make it seem larger than it is, simply adds some mirrors. This neat trick also works really well in the outdoors. Hang a few vintage mirrors so they reflect the surrounding greenery of your home.


5. Make a small water feature.

Even with the little space you have, you can still have some added feature to your outdoor space like a small pond for small fishes or a small fountain. This can be a nice highlight for that space. You can install one on your own using tiles or anything that can hold water and a pump system.


There are a lot of ways to utilize your small space and transform it into a nice outdoor sanctuary. Play around some elements and any objects you can find and make use of them to decorate your outdoors. You can also call for professionals to help you with your space. At Elzohor Nursery, no space is too little for a major transformation. We make your home beautiful that exceeds expectations.